Migration of System z Servers

In Memory of Levent Durdu

Perfect friend, unfailing colleague, guiding leader we lost very early
1955 – 24 April 2008
Levent Durdu
Levent Durdu Anısına
Erken yitirdiğimiz mükemmel dost, yorulmaz iş arkadaşı, yol gösterici lider
1955 – 24 Nisan 2008

Existing Environments

  1. System test (a.k.a. SYST)
  2. Development and application test system (a.k.a. TEST)
  3. Production system (a.k.a. PROD)

Existing Software

  1. z/OS V1.4
  2. CICS/TS V2.3
  3. DB/2 V7.1
  4. Content Manager V8.2
  5. Monitoring tools

Migration Targets

  1. z/OS V1.10
  2. DB/2 V 8.1
  3. Monitoring tools

Extensively Utilized Components

  1. VTS (Virtual tape server)
  2. RMM (Removable media manager, cartridge management system)
  3. HSM (Hierarchical storage manager)
  4. Infoprint server
  5. SMTP server

Discontinued Components

  1. CICS/TS V1.3
  2. ACF/NCP (Advanced communication functions/Network control program)
  3. JES328X (Job entry subsystem 328X) Print Facility

Migration Steps

  1. Apply toleration, coexistence and fallback maintenance on existing software
  2. Migrate Content Manager CICS/TS system from V1.3 to 2.3
  3. Install z/OS V1.10
  4. Customize z/OS V1.10 as SYST (System test)
  5. Install DB/2 V8.1 as SYST
  6. Clone SYST system for TEST (Development and application test)
  7. Migrate TEST system to z/OS V1.10
  8. Clone TEST system for PROD
  9. Migrate PROD system to z/OS V1.10
  10. Install DB/2 V8.1 to TEST system
  11. Install TEST system to DB/2 V8.1
  12. Install DB/2 V8.1 to PROD system
  13. Install PROD system to DB/2 V8.1

DASD (Direct Access Storage Devices) Planning

  • 3390 Model 9 device geometry
  • 2 volumes for system catalog
  • 2 volumes for distribution libraries
  • 2 volumes for target libraries
  • 3 volumes for SMF (System Management Facility) data gathering
  • 6 volumes for paging
  • 6 volumes for spool
  • 1 storage volume for TSO (Time Sharing Option) datasets [For business continuity purposes]
  • 1 public volume for temporary datasets and dynamic dumps [For business continuity purposes]
  • 2 volumes for shared subsystem CDSs (Control datasets) [RMM and HSM]
  • 1 volume for DB/2 V8.1 installation system libraries
  • 1 volume for DB/2 V8.1 installation system catalog and table spaces

SSA (System Specific Alias) Planning

  • Installation naming conventions
  • Completion of missing aliases for existing datasets [Due to past re-creations/enlargements]

Stand-alone Editor ZZSA

  • IPLable CD verification, documentation and filing next to HMC (Hardware Management Console)


  • Full dump DSS (Dataset services) backups of system disks on cartridge
  • Retention period one month
  • Perform daily after modifications or weekly
  • Verification of stand-alone DSF (Device support facility) and stand-alone DSS cartridges

Catalog Considerations

  • Connect all existing user catalogs
  • Define all existing aliases
  • Connect master catalog of existing z/OS V1.4 system
  • Define SSA of existing z/OS V1.4 system as alias
  • Define SSAs of z/OS V1.10 system datasets
  • Define alias of SSA of z/OS V1.10 system as alias to other systems
  • SSA not usable for IBMUSER and SYSADM datasets, lengths of some dataset names are close to maximum. Aliases of IBMUSER4 and SYSADM4 will be used instead
  • Store all catalog listings on workstations in case of immediate access requirement

SMP/E (System Management Program/Extended) and Open MVS (a.k.a. OMVS) Datasets for Existing Subsystems

  • CICS/TS, DB/2 V7.1 and Content Manager SMP/E and OMVS datasets had been created using z/OS system default high-level qualifiers
  • Replication planned as they should be cataloged in the master catalog of z/OS V1.10 system

z/OS V1.10 Installation and Cloning

  • Initialize disks
  • Create master catalog
  • Clone distribution and target library disks
  • Allocate JES checkpoint and spool datasets
  • Define SMF clusters
  • Allocate static dump datasets
  • Define page datasets
  • Define couple datasets
  • Allocate and copy primary and backup RACF datasets
  • Update z/OS V1.10 templates for RACF datasets
  • Catalog RACF database name table
  • Move started task users from ICHRIN03 to STARTED profile for ease of maintenance
  • Catalog a dummy ICHRIN03 started task module
  • Allocate and copy UADS dataset

Cloning Existing CICS/TS V2.3 and DB/2 V7.1 Subsystems

  • Clone existing CICS/TS V2.3 and DB/2 V7.1 subsystems if not available to z/OS V1.10

Customer Specific Initialization and Customization Libraries

  • One set for each SYSPLEX (Systems Complex)
  • Protect generically
  • Do not modify z/OS V1.10 system libraries


  • Eligible for user modules
  • Add to LNKLST (Link list)
  • Authorize through PROG00 PARMLIB member


  • Operational jobstreams
  • Start using S RDR,J=member-name


  • Add to SYS1.IPLPARM(LOADxx) member
  • Modified initialization members will be stored here
  • Other PARMLIB libraries will have unmodified initialization members
  • Parameters of operational jobstreams will also be stored here
  • Load UNICODE conversion tables


  • Add to master JCL PARMLIB member
  • Add to JES procedure
  • Modified procedures and installation specific procedures will be stored


  • Installation, maintenance and modification jobstreams related with z/OS V1.10
  • Only one library as opposed to other customer specific libraries
  • Accessible by all other systems through SSA like SEZOS10.SYS1.USR.SAMPLIB


  • TCP/IP, FTP, TELNET 3270 and SMTP initialization parameters
  • Performance related parameters are migrated from PROD system
  • Separate TN3270E parameters from TCP/IP startup file for z/OS V1.10


  • Define to VTAM start procedure
  • Define to TN3270E start procedure
  • Authorize through PROGxx PARMLIB member
  • Eligible for USSTAB and other VTAM modules
  • Display system name and system specific VTAM APPLIDs on USSTAB


  • Define to VTAM start procedure
  • All modified VTAM start members are stored here
  • Members on other VTAMLST libraries are not modified


  • TGSPACE set to allow 6 full DASD spool space

SMF (System Management Facility)

  • Create 4 datasets for TEST system
  • Create 6 datasets for PROD system
  • Install IEFACTRT step termination exit
  • Setup RMF records collection
  • Migrate data gathering jobstreams

First IPL

  • Format JES2 spool
  • Examine SYSLOG to remove obsolete initialization statements and parameters
  • Examine SYSLOG to correct misplaced parameters
  • Compare SSI (Subsystem Interface) entries by D SSI,ALL
  • Compare authorized libraries by D PROG,APF
  • Compare Link list libraries by D LNKLST,NAME=CURRENT
  • Execute installation verification procedures (a.k.a. IVPs)


  • Define CDSs (Control datasets)
  • Enter new installation SYST objects manually
  • Migrate TEST and PROD SCDS datasets
  • Copy ACS routines to SYS1.USR.SMS library
  • Validate and activate SMS
  • Compare existence of all objects
  • OMVS and TCP/IP will be available after SMS activation


  • Connect VOLCAT to new system
  • Verify existence of cartridge volumes


  • Perform all security related modifications to clone system by batch jobstreams. It will be easier to repeat immediately before cutover


  • Define OPERLOG and LOGREC logstreams
  • Migrate DB/2 V7.1 RRS logstreams

WLM (Workload Manager)

  • Migrate definitions from PROD
  • Create TN3270E started task goal if not defined


  • Migrate Turkish translation table
  • Migrate SMTP specific Turkish translation table
  • Perform MAKESITE
  • Migrate TN3270E printer definitions
  • Migrate TN3270E LU groups


  • Execute SYSMOD listings for z/OS V1.10
  • Execute SYSMOD listings for CICS/TS V2.3, DB/2 V7.1 and Content Manager V8.2
  • Prepare and apply dummy MACLIB and LOADLIB SYSMODS


  • Perform DB/2 V7.1 customization and binds

Infoprint Server

  • Export z/OS V1.4 Infoprint Server configuration
  • Allocate a large HFS dataset for Infoprint Server
  • Mount temporarily to copy existing z/OS V1.10 configuration
  • Copy /var/Printsrv
  • Add HFS dataset to BPXPRMFS PARMLIB member to mount permanently
  • Import z/OS V1.4 printer configuration
  • Verify printer configuration from ISPF/PDF Infoprint Server panels
  • Migrate JES, VTAM and TCP/IP printer definitions
  • Test printing


  • Use DASD volumes for shared subsystems
  • Define Master CDS cluster
  • Copy z/OS V1.4 master CDS using IDCAMS REPRO utility
  • Update CDS ID using EDGUTIL
  • Allocate Journal dataset
  • Copy z/OS V1.4 journal dataset
  • Start DFRMM subsystem
  • Verify existence of cartridge libraries


  • Use DASD volumes for shared subsystems
  • Define CDS clusters
  • Copy CDS clusters from z/OS V1.4 system using IDCAMS REPRO utility
  • Allocate backup datasets
  • Allocate and copy journal dataset using IEBGENER utility
  • Migrate startup PARMLIB parameters
  • Prepare and include ADDVOL statements for newly installed z/OS V1.10 DASD volumes
  • Start DFHSM subsystem
  • Compare parameter configurations

Customer Specific TSO/E logon procedures

  • Administrators
  • Group administrators
  • Developers
  • Developers with Content Manager DB/2 access
  • Operators
  • Modified TSO/E logon procedures to SYS1.USR.PROCLIB
  • Modified ISPF/PDF panels to SYS1.USR.PANELIB
  • Display system name on each panel
  • Display user type header on each panel
  • Keep TSO/E and ISPF/PDF target libraries intact
  • Test all procedures

Batch and Online Program Compilation

  • Perform batch LE (Language environment) customization
  • Perform online LE customization
  • Copy z/OS V1.4 CICS/TS V2.3 and DB/2 V7.1 compilation jobs to SYS1.USR.PROCLIB
  • Convert jobstreams to Enterprise PL/I for z/OS
  • Test and document in SYS1.USR.SAMPLIB
  • Distribute to users

Compare z/OS V1.10 Clone System vs z/OS V1.4 System Members and Parameters

  • Logstreams
  • SMS objects
  • Infoprint Server

Final Tasks from z/OS V1.4 System Before Migration

  • Copy RACF and UADS
  • JES2 spool offload
  • SMF switch and collection
  • PARMLIB CONSOL00 member
  • TCPPARMS IP number
  • Final shutdown

First IPL from z/OS V1.10 System After Cutover

  • Record IPL address and LOADPARM for z/OS V1.4 system
  • Record IPL address and LOADPARM for z/OS V1.10 system
  • First IPL
  • Control IPL SYSLOG
  • JES2 restore spool
  • Migrate, validate and activate SMS
  • Check VTAM network connections
  • Check TCP/IP network connections, perform SITEINFO
  • Check Infoprint Server printers
  • Start DB/2 V7.1 subsystems
  • Start CICS/TS systems
  • Migrate and start RMM
  • Migrate and start HSM

End of Migration

  • Celebrate
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